Told me to go to rehab/I say no-no-no

Since February 14th of 2010 I’ve been plagued with iliotibial band syndrome (ITBS) on my left knee; I’d rather call it the-little-friend-that-never-ceases-to-go-away.

So far with cycling 14 miles as cross training, doing core exercises, changing my running form by using my forefoot and stride rate to 180 BPM and lots of of time with the foam roller, the ITBS has almost packed its bags and ready to leave…although it didn’t want to leave just yet as it moaned in yesterday’s 4.78 mile run (interval of 2 minutes running with 1 minute rest). I was obliged to scoot at the edge of the road and squat on my right leg while placing my left ankle on my right knee — giving that iliotibial band a good push towards the door of don’t-you-ever-come-back-#$*!

Running for 2 minutes and having to walk for 1 minute hurts my ego as I see people pass me by. It’s like I’m screaming that I am too weak to even jog. But I’ve left my pride a while ago to cure this ITB plague. I basically took 1 mile of running for granted. 5 miles of running — no big problem. Now that I’m at square 1, building up my base I’ve come to appreciate each footstep, the wonders of how my body works in rhythm to push me off the ground ever moving forward towards that poetic sun.

I’m still not out of the woods just yet. This week my goal is intervals of 2 min run/1 min walk.


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