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Fueled by da Spirit

I ran 4.55 miles yesterday on a secret trail I’ve found near my home that’s only a 5 minute walk. Here are my split times:

  • Example Mile X (xx min: xx seconds)
  • Mile 1 (11:19)
  • Mile 2 (11:32)
  • Mile 3 (11:13)
  • Mile 4 (11:23)
  • Mile 4.55 (5:38)

I am so stoked because my split times averages to 11:30 per mile. Factoring in the Texas weather during the summer with its lovely humid weather and hot tamale temperature, I’d say I am on my way to a 10 min/mile marathoner.

The run felt great like I could have run another 2 miles as I reached the door to my house. I tend to associate with my body’s signs if there’s any pain, numbness, lungs about to explode while running. In my head-to-toe assessment I found my breathing was doing fine at 1 breath per 4 strides. My right calf is still cramped like it didn’t want to stretch from last Friday’s run with my cousin (6.11 miles; average pace 11:30 seconds). I think the calf soreness is due to my Thursday run when I almost tripped over a tree root when I went trail running. I caught myself before falling face first but my right ankle sort of twisted and I landed heavily.

Thankfully, I have my own massage therapist that answers my phone calls in the late nights when I suffer from self-imposed insomnia (reading St. Thomas Aquinas work Summa Theologica), who happily lives in my living room: the foam roller. I’ve had it since I got the ITB and let me tell you, for $19 it does a pretty good job to remove those tight muscles. In my case, ever since I changed my stride to land on the forefoot and 180 cadence, my quadriceps and calves are usually the toughest hit targets.

This week’s long run will be 6 miles this Saturday.

Love all around!

P.S. The 5:38 pace that I kept for .55 mile isn’t an anomaly — I like to go ALL out in the end like I’m spreading my wings basking in the Holy Spirit’s light.


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post-post rehab running.

Alright the title of this entry is “post-post rehab running” because just when I mentioned I was clear from the woods of doom and gloom [last post] I succumbed to the ITB monster again. It didn’t want to go away forcing me back on cross training on my bike which I sorta dislike but content that at least the ITB lets me outside in the sun.

So my last post was a little bit on the impatient filled with optimism that I am juice. Now I can safely vouch that I have been officially running starting May 1, 2010. I started running and walking the first week and now that it’s June 7, 2010 I’ve been successfully running pain free! I’ve increased my mileage to 4 miles with my long runs to 5 miles.

My goal this summer is to increase my aerobic fitness by building a solid base mileage that will allow me to train for the Houston Marathon 2011 in January 30th successfully by being injury free on race day and to run the course instead of just finishing [as in my 1st marathon].

If there’s one thing about running it’s the constant learning and all the information that’s available on the internet from the experts, elites and people who just love to run. I started reading about the usage of heart monitors and the different zones to maximize aerobic fitness, lactate threshold and muscle formation which are all components to make a runner awesome!

I have to leave but I will write more about heart zones and my training plan for tomorrow entry. Until then, God Speed!

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