Fueled by da Spirit

I ran 4.55 miles yesterday on a secret trail I’ve found near my home that’s only a 5 minute walk. Here are my split times:

  • Example Mile X (xx min: xx seconds)
  • Mile 1 (11:19)
  • Mile 2 (11:32)
  • Mile 3 (11:13)
  • Mile 4 (11:23)
  • Mile 4.55 (5:38)

I am so stoked because my split times averages to 11:30 per mile. Factoring in the Texas weather during the summer with its lovely humid weather and hot tamale temperature, I’d say I am on my way to a 10 min/mile marathoner.

The run felt great like I could have run another 2 miles as I reached the door to my house. I tend to associate with my body’s signs if there’s any pain, numbness, lungs about to explode while running. In my head-to-toe assessment I found my breathing was doing fine at 1 breath per 4 strides. My right calf is still cramped like it didn’t want to stretch from last Friday’s run with my cousin (6.11 miles; average pace 11:30 seconds). I think the calf soreness is due to my Thursday run when I almost tripped over a tree root when I went trail running. I caught myself before falling face first but my right ankle sort of twisted and I landed heavily.

Thankfully, I have my own massage therapist that answers my phone calls in the late nights when I suffer from self-imposed insomnia (reading St. Thomas Aquinas work Summa Theologica), who happily lives in my living room: the foam roller. I’ve had it since I got the ITB and let me tell you, for $19 it does a pretty good job to remove those tight muscles. In my case, ever since I changed my stride to land on the forefoot and 180 cadence, my quadriceps and calves are usually the toughest hit targets.

This week’s long run will be 6 miles this Saturday.

Love all around!

P.S. The 5:38 pace that I kept for .55 mile isn’t an anomaly — I like to go ALL out in the end like I’m spreading my wings basking in the Holy Spirit’s light.


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