Gloria in excelsis Deo

I had a pain radiating from inside my right glute muscles during yesterday’s run. The pain started during mile 3, a 2 out of 10 in pain scale, and radiated down to the lateral side of my knee. My first reaction was: “Oh no, not ITB!”. I should have stopped and walked the rest of the 3 miles back to my car but I’m stubborn; 6 miles in the book isn’t the same if I walked half of it. That’s what we call “rationale thinking”, one way to sabotage a marathon training season.

The pain died down as my run progressed. I started coming up of diagnoses as I passed the familiar trees and bridges. By mile 4 I narrowed it down to either ITB or my piriformis muscle.

Close to the end of my run I was eager enough to do strides (rationale thinking, remember!). Thankfully, it didn’t make the pain worse.

When I came back home I had trouble walking, leaning towards my right leg. Think of how a pirate walks, swaying side to side. The only thing missing in the picture was a parrot sitting on my shoulder.

Well, I looked in my running book and the internet and confirmed my diagnosis: piriformis syndrome. I was happy it wasn’t ITB but at the same time it left me wondering how long will it take to heal.

Presently, one day after my run my piriformis is doing ok. Yesterday, I did a couple of stretches and with the help of my personal masseuse who is always on call a.ka. foam roller, I rolled the daylights out of it! I feel I can run tomorrow but I’m holding off till Friday — need more observation time for said excited marathon newbie patient.

By the way, today is “Music Wednesday”.  Here’s a song I discovered by Vivaldi “Gloria in excelsis Deo”, Latin for “Glory to God in the highest”. It’s epic!!! This is what heaven must sound like, or at least close to it.  I will be blasting this in my car to help me get ready before my runs.

Run for the glory of God 🙂


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