Lotto Winner!!

I’m happy to announce that I will be running Houston Marathon 2011! I checked for confirmation while I was in San Francisco last week. At first, I was ambivalent, “Oh, look,” I said to my brother as I pointed to the computer screen, “I’m selected to be in the marathon.”  He enthusiastically congratulated me without the confetti.

It hasn’t dawned on me that I was one of those blessed to run Houston until yesterday.

As I’ve been working on my base mileage, I’ve been researching different marathon plans. I’m thinking of following Bob Glover’s 16 week training schedule: building from a 20-mile-a-week base (for at least one month) from his book “The Competitive Runner’s Handbook”. Glover’s plan consists of three 20 mile long-runs, reaching to 40 miles as the peak mileage. I would have two off days, Wednesday and Sunday which I will use as either rest days or cross training.

I will also run my first half-marathon hosted by Koala Health and Wellness & Luke’s Locker on October 24, 2010, which falls in the fourth week of the marathon plan. I will use it as as a bench mark, figure out calorie/fluid intake, and will count as a long run. Ok, come to think of it, I did run 13.1 miles during the Austin Marathon but it doesn’t count because it was in a marathon and not as a seperate event. Pretty stoked 13.1 miles, baby!

I’m super excited because now my family and friends can come support me and I am able to run my city.

My goal is to come to the starting line in January 30, 2011 healthy with a crazy look on my face and a smile that says it all: thank you God.


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