Official Marathon Training begins!

Thanks be to God the fall season  has coincided with the beginning of my official marathon plan, starting with a cool weather of ~60 F this Monday and has been around that temperature this whole week; cooler in the evenings with a high of 82 F during the day with a cool wind.

I think the cool weather has made me faster with an average pace of 11:29 minute / mile!

There’s a knot in my right calf that starts hurting (2 out of 10 in pain scale) when I reach 0.4 mile. It started Monday. The pain stopped when I tried landing my right foot closer to the medial line of my body and closer to my left foot. It turns out that I’ve been unconsciously pronating my right foot out 30 degrees to decrease the pain that I feel on my hallux [big toe] which has one big blister that has turned black and hard, and a smaller one when landing.

Got to go and foam away. Will write deeper analysis and share marathon plan/tweaks by Friday.



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