10 more days

Three things I want to share:

  1. I got a physical Houston Marathon Confirmation in the mail with my Bib #, color wave with maps of George R. Brown Convention and the course itself
  2. I bought a new pair of New Balance 760’s
  3. Officially tapering as I finished my last 20-miler Monday!

Now for the juicy pictures:

My plan today is a literal easy 6-7 miler on the trails without a *gasp* watch!  I admit, I have a tiny bit of obsession tracking every mile on my Garmin 305…also my change of heart rate every second, pace every 1/25th of a mile, and time (in seconds). So you see, it’s a tiny problem I have with my constant need of a watch which is almost like a part of myself, albeit an alien body part.



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2 responses to “10 more days

  1. Rosario

    I’m running the Houston marathon too! First marathon EVER! I only got an email confirmation with my bib #. Hmmm. I hope the weather is good. My obsession lately is checking weather.com. LOL Good luck!!!

    • J

      Thanks for leaving a comment, Rosario 🙂

      Print your email confirmation and bring it with you when picking up your bib and goodies bag this Friday or Saturday at the George R. Brown Convention.

      That’s awesome Houston Marathon will be your first! I am sure you will succeed. So far as the weather is concerned, we have a 40% chance of rain with scattered thunderstorms and a high of 60F. Taking into consideration Houston weather is unpredictable, I’m praying we have an AWEsome weather for a personal record.

      Good luck! See you at the finish line!

      P.S. Do you have a blog? Check back here post-marathon, I will put up my Race Report.

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