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10 more days

Three things I want to share:

  1. I got a physical Houston Marathon Confirmation in the mail with my Bib #, color wave with maps of George R. Brown Convention and the course itself
  2. I bought a new pair of New Balance 760’s
  3. Officially tapering as I finished my last 20-miler Monday!

Now for the juicy pictures:

My plan today is a literal easy 6-7 miler on the trails without a *gasp* watch!  I admit, I have a tiny bit of obsession tracking every mile on my Garmin 305…also my change of heart rate every second, pace every 1/25th of a mile, and time (in seconds). So you see, it’s a tiny problem I have with my constant need of a watch which is almost like a part of myself, albeit an alien body part.



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About to begin

Tomorrow will the be start of my official marathon training!

I’m so excited, I can’t believe it’s finally here! I’m also thinking of doing a video diary, like a video every Sunday to re-cap how my week went.

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Which way…

Guess what’s around the corner?

The Houston Marathon 2011 registration opens this Tuesday (July 27, 2010). Of course I will sign up even though this year it will be lottery based for the first time. What does this mean?

It means that even if you sign up between July 27th-August 12th 2010, you will not find out if you can run the marathon/half marathon until August 17th — by email notification. To taste some of the different opinions of the move toward a lottery system checkout:
Houston Marathon goes to lottery system for entries
Runner’s World Forums “Houston now a lottery”

I’m partially dismayed I may not be one of the lottery winners [by some algorithm of chance]. There’s a number of reasons why I want to run my 2nd marathon in Houston:

  1. As a Houston resident and native I’d love to run 26.2 miles across my city for the very first time.
  2. My parents, brothers, family and friends can watch and encourage me and the rest of the runners in beautiful-below-60’s-January-weather [haha] without having to leave “Houston city limits”.
  3. I don’t have to spend money going to another city and pay for lodgings+food.
  4. Go to Mass at Co-Sacred Heart Cathedral in downtown after the marathon.

If I don’t get a spot I will most definitely run the Austin Marathon 2011. Surprisingly, they are celebrating their 20th anniversary, corresponding to their marathon date February 20th 2011.

I LOVED my running debut in last year’s Austin Marathon. The volunteers were great, awesome and friendly runners [one lady stopped and asked me if I was ok when I sat on the side of the road nursing my flaring ITB; offering gummy bears and bananas which I declined], the entertainment alongside the road was sweet [gave high fives to a toddler and to a dressed up gorilla, a cow clunking its cowbell, indie bands playing]. beautiful scenery, and the HILLS…the hills ruled! In addition, the awesome “Austin Marathon sports backpack” [proudly sport wherever I go] and high quality tech-tee finisher swag was icing on the cake.

So what’s it gonna be? My answer: Either Houston or Austin, my friend. Just like Bach’s Cello Suite No.1, the beginning, middle and end will always be sweet.

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